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DFE Davao Futurebright Enterprises

DFE Davao Futurebright Enterprises

Welcome to Davao Futurebright Enterprises (DFE)

DFE Davao Futurebright Enterprises is located in Davao City. Dfe Davao Futurebright Enterprises is working in Electronic & gadget stores activities. You can contact the company at (082) 293 9928. You can find more information about Dfe Davao Futurebright Enterprises at You can contact the company by email at . David T. Kiang is associated with the company.

Shop Address:

Phase 1, #168 5TH A. Street, Ecoland, Davao City 8000 Davao del Sur
  • Branch: 3rd Level SM City Davao Quimpo Boulevard Ecoland, Davao City 8000

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David T. KiangDfe Davao Futurebright Enterprises

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

7 Game-Changing Tips to Fix Your Smartphone Experience in Davao City

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Unlock the full potential of your smartphone in Davao City with these 7 game-changing tips. From optimizing performance to maximizing battery life wether Apple or Android and enhancing network connectivity, take your smartphone experience to new heights.

In this tips, we will provide you with practical guides, tips, and step-by-step instructions to help you resolve the most prevalent smartphone issues encountered by Davao residents.

Extending Battery Life

  • Tips to Make Your Battery Last Longer
  • Adjusting screen brightness, optimizing power settings, and managing background app activity
  • Utilizing battery-saving modes and features
  • Identifying power-draining apps and managing them effectively

🔋 How to Improve Your Smartphone's Battery Life 🔋

Boosting Performance

  • How to Speed Up Your Smartphone
  • Clearing app cache and junk files
  • Optimizing device storage and memory
  • Identifying and disabling resource-intensive processes and animations

Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

  • Staying Connected Anywhere in DavaoTroubleshooting
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Resolving mobile network problems
  • Enhancing signal reception through external antennas or signal boosters

Managing Storage

  • Freeing Up Space on Your Smartphone
  • Deleting unnecessary files and apps
  • Using cloud storage and backup solutions
  • Transferring media and data to external storage devices
  • Fixing App Crashes and Freezing Issues
  • Updating apps to the latest versions
  • Clearing app cache and data
  • Performing a device software update

Preventing Overheating

  • Tips for Temperature Control
  • Avoiding resource-intensive tasks and apps
  • Keeping the device in a well-ventilated area
  • Removing unnecessary apps running in the background

📶 Wireless Charging at a Distance 📶

Remember, smartphones are powerful tools that should make your life easier, not cause frustration. Take control of your device, troubleshoot with confidence, and enjoy a seamless smartphone experience tailored to the vibrant city of Davao.

If you have additional tips or personal experiences in resolving smartphone issues, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Let's help each other navigate the world of smartphones and overcome challenges in Davao!

Monday, May 15, 2023

Theragun Pro Reviews (Theragun Percussive Therapy)

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Therabody is a wellness and technology company that specializes in creating innovative solutions for physical wellness, recovery, and performance. Their website,, serves as a platform to showcase and provide information about their products and services.

The Theragun Pro is the flagship model from Theragun, designed to deliver top-of-the-line percussive therapy for optimal recovery and performance enhancement.

Let's explore the key features, benefits, and user experience of the Theragun Pro.

Powerful Performance

The Theragun Pro boasts a powerful motor that delivers deep and intense percussive therapy. With its adjustable speed settings, ranging from light and gentle to deep and intense, users can customize their therapy sessions according to their needs and preferences. The Pro's amplitude and force make it suitable for both casual users and professional athletes.

Ergonomic Design

Theragun Pro features an ergonomic design that allows for comfortable and effortless handling. The triangular handle and multi-grip options ensure a secure grip during therapy sessions, even in hard-to-reach areas of the body. The device is lightweight and well-balanced, making it easy to maneuver and target specific muscle groups.

Smart App Integration

The Therabody app integrates seamlessly with the Theragun Pro, offering a range of intelligent features to enhance the user experience. The app provides personalized wellness routines, guided warm-up and recovery programs, and real-time feedback to optimize therapy sessions. Users can track their usage, monitor progress, and explore educational resources right at their fingertips.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Davao Gadget Shop: Thinking Tools, Inc.


Davao Gadget Shop: Thinking Tools, Inc.

Welcome to Thinking Tools, Inc.

Shop Address:

MAIN Branch – Sobrecary TTI Building 857 P. Sobrecarey Street Barrio Obrero Poblacion District Davao City 8000 Davao del Sur
  • Branch: 3rd Level SM City Davao Quimpo Boulevard Ecoland, Davao City 8000

Contact Number:

  • (082) 225-8318 / 296-2589
  • 0917-701-4493 [GLOBE]

Email Address:


Social Shop Links:

Davao Gadget Guide: Xiaomi Air Charge - Wireless Charging at a Distance

In the world of mobile technology, wireless charging has become a sought-after feature for its convenience and ease of use. One groundbreaking advancement in this field is Xiaomi Air Charge, a revolutionary technology developed by Xiaomi that aims to take wireless charging to the next level. In this blog post, we will dive into the exciting realm of Xiaomi Air Charge, exploring how it works, its potential applications, and the implications it may have for the future of wireless charging.

Xiaomi Air Charge technology in action: charging a device wirelessly at a distance

The Concept Behind Xiaomi Air Charge

Xiaomi Air Charge introduces the concept of charging devices without the need for physical contact. It utilizes advanced technologies to transmit power wirelessly over a distance, enabling users to charge their devices simply by being in close proximity.

Understanding the Technology

Xiaomi Air Charge relies on the principle of "remote charging via spatial positioning and energy transmission." By utilizing millimeter-wave technology, it creates a narrow beam that focuses on the device to be charged, allowing for efficient power transfer even over short distances.

How It Works

The Xiaomi Air Charge system consists of a charging base station and a receiving device. The base station emits the charging signal, while the receiving device integrates specialized antennas and energy conversion technology to capture and convert the transmitted energy into usable power.

1. Benefits and Potential Applications

This technology opens up a world of possibilities. With Xiaomi Air Charge, users can charge their devices effortlessly, without the hassle of cables or charging pads. It can be particularly useful in various scenarios such as smart homes, office spaces, public places, and even in vehicles, providing a seamless and convenient charging experience.

2. Considerations and Challenges

While Xiaomi Air Charge presents an exciting breakthrough, there are considerations and challenges to address. Factors such as power efficiency, charging distance, and interference need to be carefully managed to ensure optimal performance and user safety.

3. The Future of Wireless Charging

Xiaomi Air Charge represents a significant step towards the future of wireless charging technology. As the technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate further advancements that may extend charging distances, increase power efficiency, and expand compatibility with a wider range of devices.

Wrap It Up

Xiaomi Air Charge is redefining the way we think about wireless charging. With its ability to charge devices at a distance, this technology showcases the potential for a wire-free charging experience. As we look ahead, we can anticipate exciting developments and innovations in the field of wireless charging, making our lives more convenient and connected than ever before.

Disclaimer: This blog post is a general overview of Xiaomi Air Charge technology and its potential applications. For detailed technical information or specific product details, please refer to official sources and the manufacturer's documentation.

Remember to adjust the content and format according to your specific requirements and guidelines.

How to Improve Your Smartphone's Battery Life

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Davao Gadget Guide: Huawei Mate X3 vs iPhone 15 (Pros and Cons Comparison)

Comparison of Huawei Mate X3 and iPhone 15

Huawei is a Chinese company that has become a popular smartphone brand in recent years. The Mate X3 is likely to be a high-end device with advanced features and technology, including a foldable screen, high-quality camera, and powerful processor.

On the other hand, Apple is an American company that is known for its iPhone models, which are considered to be some of the most popular and successful smartphones in the market. The iPhone 15 is expected to be a premium device with a range of advanced features and capabilities.

Huawei Mate X3 vs iPhone 15

The PROS and CONS of the Huawei Mate X3 and iPhone 15  based on their companies' reputations and features:

Huawei Mate X3


  • Foldable screen provides a unique and innovative design
  • High-quality camera and powerful processor
  • Large screen size allows for better viewing experience


  • Limited availability due to geopolitical tensions between China and other countries
  • Potential issues with software updates and compatibility with Google services
  • Durability concerns with the foldable screen technology

Apple iPhone 15


  • High-quality camera and advanced photography features
  • Strong brand reputation and reliability
  • Access to Apple's exclusive ecosystem of apps and services


  • Higher price point compared to other smartphones in the market
  • Limited customization options compared to Android devices
  • Dependence on Apple's ecosystem and restrictions on third-party apps and services

Note: These are general pros and cons and may change once the specific details of the Huawei Mate X3 and iPhone 15 are released. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your personal preferences and priorities.